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about us


MACHETE COLLECTIVE, a music NFT production house based in Puerto Rico, provides a first-of-its-kind, collaborative platform, for music and digital artists. We decentralized the culture through tokenized masterpieces, minted on the blockchain.

Launched in Puerto Rico originally as a multimedia production studio with a recording artist in development, Machete Collective continued its evolution into the expansion of new and better opportunities for growth. With a few NFT projects now in the works, the Collective is positioning itself to grow rapidly with this technology.

With plans to expand to New York and Miami in the near future, the Collective is currently focusing on onboarding the islands select talent to align with the rapid growth of the NFT industry through collabs and exclusive drops. We are a launchpad for the new wave of music and art creators. It’s time to become part of history and pioneer this new age of technology for us creative people.